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    The MEND Professional – Programmable Frequency Specific Microcurrent Device

MEND Professional and Wellness Devices

Introducing 21st century microcurrent technology that has been developed by the top thought leaders in bio-resonance medicine. MEND Technology is the proud distributor of the latest in quality microcurrent machines.  Our FSM devices makes it simple for the practitioner to implement their protocols with ease and efficiency.

Key Features of our Professional Unit:

  • Portable, hand-held, and easily operated microcurrent devices
  • Display has a backlight feature
  • Programmable microcurrent devices (Store up to 999 protocols)
  • Manual Mode – Enter frequency numbers in real time!
  • Dual channels
  • Affordable
  • Batteries last up to 60 hours
MEND Professional Front

FSM DEVICE COMPARISION (As of 12/2023. Features subject to change without notice.)

How we stack up against the competition


MEND Professional™

MEND Professional Device

MEND Wellness™

MEND Wellness

Inspirstar Software Profile Editor

Experience a user-friendly software

The Inspirstar software is used to program the MEND devices. It allows the practitioner to create customized Protocols for their patients and store it as a Profile. The Inspirstar Profile Editor gives you the absolute best experience for creating your protocols. With a standard user interface that breeds familiarity, you can stay focused for getting things done quickly.

Time Savers include:

  • Global Change to all or selected protocols
  • Search capability
  • Import/Export
  • View multiple profiles simultaneously
  • Merge protocols together
  • Read the protocols on a device before changing
  • Copy and paste
  • Password protect your protocols

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the FDA has classified our devices as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS).

The MEND Professional is a clinical device. You create the protocol and run it in automated mode. In addition, you can “hold”, “skip” or “pause” a frequency pair. The other feature of the MEND Professional is the ability to use it in manual mode. The manual operation allows you to change the frequencies during run-time as well as the current, waveform and polarity. The number of protocols that can be stored on this device is 999.

The MEND Wellness runs only in automated mode with the protocols you program. It can be used in the clinic or for home treatment. During run-time, the user can change the intensity of the current. The number of protocols that can be stored on this device is 99.

Any qualified health care practitioner can sign up for an account. To see if you qualify, click here.

Yes, our devices were designed by Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) practitioners to meet their needs for an affordable, convenient, 2-channel output device. With our MEND Professional unit, there is no other device in the market that combines an “automated” unit and a “manual” unit together at an affordable price.

An automated unit means that the practitioner has the ability to write frequency pairs and save it as a protocol. The protocol is then loaded onto the device and selected during treatment.

Our MEND (IS02) devices are under Quality System Regulation (QSR). Inspirstar and the contract manufacturer implements the Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with IS0 13485:2016 and CFR 21 Part 820. The FDA uses CFR 21 Part 820 as the QSR. The international equivalent quality standard is ISO 13485.

So what is the ISO 13485? It is the Quality Management System for medical devices. As stated in the ISO website, “certification to ISO 13485 is not a requirement of the standard, and organizations can reap many benefits from implementing the standard without undergoing the certification process.”

CFR 21 Part 820 defines requirements for the quality system to meet FDA regulations, termed “current good manufacturing practices”. It is more similar to ISO 13485 as far as requirements are concerned.

Our MEND Professional and Wellness devices have been designed and manufactured in compliance with the requirements of both CFR 21-820 and ISO 13485:2016 QMS.

In order to make a purchase or to see the prices, you will need to verify your identity by filling out the registration form.  Based on license confirmation, you will granted full access to the Shop and other features.

MEND Technology requires verification of a valid state or federal license before approving an account. The devices we carry are FDA registered and regulated as a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators for pain relief (Regulation number: 21 CFR 882.5890, Class 2). In compliance with FDA regulations, MEND Technology can only distribute to licensed health care practitioners.

The Inspirstar Software is a Windows-based program only. It is not recommended to use MAC Parallels at this time.

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Our devices come with a one year warranty.

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