Inspirstar Software Installation (Windows Only)


Step 1: Click here to purchase the software.

Step 2: On your computer, download the latest software version, click here. Open the IS02setup.exe file. (Downloaded from

Step 3: Follow the installation instructions that appear. If you come across errors or need additional information, watch the short video tutorials.

Step 4: After installation, a popup software license registration window appears.

Step 5: Copy the 8-digit INSTALLATION CODE and send it directly to support@mendtechnology.comDo not use the “Send Email” button in the pop-up window as it will DELAY receiving your license key up to 2 weeks. Upon confirmation of the order, the license key will be generated and sent to you within 1-2 business days.

Step 6: When you receive the license key via email, copy and paste into the registration window.

Step 7: Please watch the software tutorials before contacting us for additional assistance. They can be found at Software for the Professional or Software for Patients

Software for Patients

The WriteOnly version is available to patients for home use. Do not purchase this software unless directed by your practitioner.