Account Policy

Health Care Practitioner Accounts

Our medical devices are only available to qualified health care practitioners. The qualifications to use these devices vary on government and state regulations that allow specific licensed health care practitioners to distribute and use these devices and accessories we sell. The following degrees may open a practitioner account:

  • MD

    Medical Doctor

  • DC


  • LAC/AP

    License Acupuncturist / Acupuncture Physician

  • ND / NMD

    Naturopath / Naturopathic Medical Doctor

  • PT

    Physical Therapist

  • DO

    Osteopathic Doctor

  • LMT

    Licensed Massage Therapist

  • NMT

    Neuro Muscular Therapist

  • NP

    Nurse Practitioner

  • RN

    Registered Nurse

  • DDS


  • DVM


  • Other


Why do I need pre-approval to place an order?

MEND Technology requires verification of a valid state or federal license before approving an account. The devices we carry are FDA registered and regulated as a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators for pain relief (Regulation number: 21 CFR 882.5890, Class 2). In compliance with FDA regulations, MEND Technology can only distribute to licensed health care practitioners as listed above.